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b. 1971 -

No one has ever accused me of being trendy. In fact, I’ve long understood that anyone who thinks that they could easily put a label on me simply doesn’t get me at all.


Formerly ‘old soul’, rapidly becoming just old. I’m of a mid twentieth century mind. I love the cine-dramatic and I appreciate the mundane. I suffer from outsized ambition and crippling self-doubt. Extra terrestrial imagination, but down to earth authenticity. A conventional iconoclast. Traditional modernist. Post punk, pre code, neo -pop.

“... sings like Frank, dances like Fred...”


But seriously... I want art to be expressive and energetic. I expect it to make a statement and reach impact while avoiding cliché and with minimal sensational provocation.


I use a computer, printer, gouache paint, paintbrushes, canvas, heatpress, epoxies, sealants, adhesives, and any other materials I please. I spend more money at hardware stores than art stores. There are never mistakes, only "honest detours" and "meaningful reinventions".


I have an abiding passion for color, texture, and tonality and a penchant for working with obscure and bygone black & white images. With a flair for interesting cropping, I explore ways to alter the context to create something new and accessibly arcane.


With tongue in cheek,


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